About us:

Facilities :
Our exclusively combined ventures incorporate highly sophisticated and State of the art production lines for designing and developing products. Alsha is known for its excellence and flexibility in meeting the requests Of its clientele, which maintaining a high level of commitment to quality and specifications.
Our Business :
Alsha is a leading name in manufacturing and supplies room amenities. We can take your product concept through every stage from development and package design, to manufacture and delivery. If your requirements are for the Local or International Market; we can also give service and quality you need.
Our Standards :

Alsha clientele are provided with premium toiletries and guest amenities that meet record international standards.
Leadership and People :

Alsha is a young and contemporary Company that strives for perfection in the hospitality industry. Alsha managers and team members are inventive and well trained to ensure professionalism and loyalty.
Markets :

Over the last 15 years, Alsha has been successful in establishing a refined markets base that reached over 600 Hotels in India and abroad.
Future Vision :

With Alsha's experience and commitment to values and concepts, all expectations in the world of hospitality are surpassed.